Canopy Check

data solutions for improving
crop management


The Objective

Agronomists have often faced challenges when it comes to sharing information and improving quality of crops year-on-year. The aim of the CanopyCheck application is to bridge the gap between research and practice, providing a range of information to agronomists about the quality of their potato canopies and ways the crop yield can be improved year-on-year.


CanopyCheck is a unique online portal that is connected with a native iOS application. The application provides a tool for agronomists, growers and potato processes to perform modelling and share data about their crops for evaluation purposes. This process starts when a photograph of the canopy is taken within the app, this image is then compared against a range of research data and reports are then stored within the system. The online portal provides a point of reference for reports and allows the user to compare a range of data from different fields.

Fully responsive group of websites

  • Native iOS development
  • Web portal
  • HTML5
  • SQL Server


Richardson Hotel Group's versions of new website

The Result

CanopyCheck app banner
CanopyCheck finished data solution
Canopy Check tablet version
CanopyCheck app

The system is used across the globe by a wide range of brands including Pepsico. The team at Rokk Media have also worked on a range of enhancements to further improve the system.