Will Google or won’t they allow emojis for Google Adwords advertising?


Much has been widely debated on the emojis topic in recent months with Google announcing that it was reversing a decision so that it could bring emojis back to search engine results pages. Now it seems that many users are starting to see emojis being used on some Google ads which further poses the question as to whether or not Google will allow emoji use in Google Adwords going forwards?

Historically, Google has always been very strict on ensuring that all adverts meet a stringent criteria before being approved for use. This includes the removal of adverts that make use of emojis up till now. Despite this, some adverts seem to be slipping through the net.

Please find an example below:

Emoji Example

Image Credit: Barry Schwartz at SE Roundtable

Can emojis really make a difference and will Google relax its rule for Adwords?

There are plenty of arguments that highlight the fact that the use of emojis can be useful in catching the eye of users quicker and making them want to click through on the advert, thus increasing the click through rates. However, doubts remain as to whether or not Google will actually relax it’s rules for adverts given it’s recent concessions for emojis in SERP’s (search engine results pages)*.

What happens if Google does allow emoji use and how will this impact on businesses?

At this stage, it is important to sit tight on this as a business, however it would be worth thinking about how you could take advantage of this trend across your sector when it comes to fruition.

Our Thoughts

Over the last few years, there are no doubts that emojis are being increasingly used across advertising platforms with increases in engagement particularly been seen across social media. However, the jury is still out as to whether or not Google will ‘officially’ allow emojis to be used in adverts that’s not to say that advertisers won’t continue to try and flaunt the rules and try to publish adverts containing emojis and hope that Google doesn’t notice!

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*SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are a list of results provided by a search engine such as Google when a searcher enters a specific term or query.