How AR can improve your customer’s experience

Most people think of augmented reality (AR) as a futuristic new technology that’s still far from being useful in everyday life. However this is far from the case, in fact you’ve probably seen more examples of the technology than you may think. For example, when you’re watching golf on television and an effect shows you the path of the ball – that’s AR. Snapchat filters? Also AR. Essentially anything that involves adding a virtual layer to a real-life image is the definition of augmented reality. You may still be thinking this couldn’t be relevant for your business, but have a look at some of the examples below for how AR can extend the engagement of your customer and translate it into increased business.


IKEA Place
Have you always wished you could see what that sofa would look like in your living room? Now you can! The IKEA Place AR app lets you scan a room and place furniture from a virtual warehouse wherever you like, so you can visualise how the product would work in your space. This is a great example of augmented reality serving a really useful purpose by removing the barrier of uncertainty when making a purchase decision.

Kate Spade – My Little Paris
The luxury fashion brand created an AR app for the launch of its Paris store by showing “unexpected moments of joy” through a tour of the city, ending at the flagship store. The user was guided through Paris via the Kate Spade map, stopping at landmarks to find surprises like pink flamingoes in the Seine. The app is a perfect reflection of the brand’s playful nature, entertaining and engaging with their customers, and ultimately driving them to their store.


Star Walk
As humans, we’re much better at learning and retaining information in the form of images than words. This is the fundamental reason why AR is such an exciting opportunity in the education space. Star Walk is a perfect example of this in action, allowing the user to see constellations as they hold their phone up to the sky. The opportunities with this kind of educational technology are endless!


Fitness AR
Combining the Strava fitness platform and Apple’s new ARKit, this app helps you visualise your running/cycling/hiking routes physically in front of you. Using Strava route data, a 3D terrain map appears on your screen, which you can then walk around and view from all angles. This streamlines the route planning process and enables users to feel reassured in their fitness endeavours.


A revolution in the way we order food, the KabaQ app creates an AR image of food from the menu onto the plate in front of you. This minimises customer’s frustration and buyer’s remorse, as it increases transparency of what they’ll receive when they order a dish. It’s a win-win for both customers and restaurants.

Cauldron Inn
Just weeks from launching an exciting themed restaurant and bar – The Cauldron Inn, the owners approached Rokk Media for creative ideas. We developed an AR app that encourages visitors to the venue to walk around, revealing hidden images and animations. After revealing 20 hidden images the user receives a voucher for a free drink. The app has proved very successful and has contributed to the ongoing success of the new venture.

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