4 of the best mobile apps for the Summer

Summer mobile apps

As we start to get in the Summer mood, we thought we’d suggest four of our favourite sizzling mobile apps:

Unwind and relax with the Aura Meditation App

Aura Meditation AppWhen it comes to meditation apps, there are plenty to choose from, however Aura is a hot favourite with us partly due to its bite-sized meditations. Ideal for chilling on a busy day or relaxing on a sandy beach.

The clever thing about this app is that it picks personalised meditations for you based on your age, self-declared stress levels and how optimistic you are feeling. If this gets too much it’s got a clever feature called the ‘Mindful Breather’ which allows you to synchronise your breathing.

If you are looking to relax over the Summer months, this app is definitely for you.

You can download this superb app directly from either the App Store or Google Play App Store.

Save money this Summer with the GroupOn app

Group On AppThe Groupon app is one of the most accredited voucher apps on the market. This app gives you discounts on just about anything you can imagine from sun cream to summer breaks.

Plan out your summer by searching for holidays, spa treatments, weekends away or live events. It also focuses on promoting local businesses which makes it easier for you to explore numerous cities both domestically and internationally making it perfect for your Summer app list.

You can download this voucher app directly from either the App Store or Google Play App Store.

Work your way off the couch with the Couch to 5k app

Couch to 5k AppLooking to get into shape for the Summer months, then this is the app for you! It’s been designed to help encourage users to go from beginner to fit for 5k running in just nine weeks. The only thing you need to take part is a pair of trainers (and your mobile of course).

The app provides simple step-by-step instructions to get you started on your journey. At the start of your journey, you will start off with smaller steps such as a 5 minute warmup walk then it will work on 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. After this point, the app will coordinate weekly tasks by looking to build up your tolerance to be able to run further distances in one go.

You can download this fitness app directly from either the App Store or Google Play App Store.

Protect yourself from the sun whilst on holiday using the UVLens app

A tan is not just for the summer. Over do it and the negative effects on your health could be with you a life tie.

By giving it some basic information on your skin type, age etc., the UVLens app determines how long you can sit in the sun without getting burnt. It manages this by checking local UV forecasts for anywhere in the world. Better still, it reminds you every hour to reapply suncream and provides you with a personalised skin type assessment.

You can download this fantastic app directly from either the App Store or Google Play App Store.

Our Thoughts

There are so many handy apps available across all devices to help make your Summer more enjoyable and to take advantage of the lovely weather (whilst it lasts!), so spend some time perusing your device’s app store. Some may be fun – others could be life savers!

Can we help you to build some mobile apps for your business this Summer?

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