4 brilliant SEO trends for businesses to capitalise on in 2017

SEO trends for Google

With Christmas and New Year fast becoming a distant memory it is important that we start looking ahead to the upcoming year and the new challenges we’re set to face. With 2017 set to be another milestone year for digital and businesses, it’s time to look over some of what could be the hottest SEO trends for businesses this year and how you can take advantage of them. So sit back and enjoy!

Page speed and user experience will continue to play a crucial role in SEO

For a number of years now, Google has been looking to drill into marketers the importance of improving both page and site speed across multiple devices as well as the user experience on websites as well. However it is important to note that speed isn’t the only factor that needs considering when it comes to improving the user experience on your site.

Google has been working hard to take action against and penalising sites that have overlays and those ever so tiresome pop-ups which seem to have become commonplace on many local news websites. Let’s face it, we all get annoyed by them so surely Google is helping the cause here by removing the barriers to user experience?

From this, it seems to indicate that Google is monitoring them through some form of engagement metric which makes us believe that sites that make improvements to their user experience and gain a greater deal of engagement are likely/already being rewarded with better results in search engines.

The shift towards more “searcher intent over keywords”

Ever since the Google Hummingbird update back in 2013, and continuing with the more recent RankBrain Google algorithm update, we’ve seen more of a shift away from keywords instead replacing this with the targeting of content through a searchers intent.

Despite this shift, keywords are still extremely important so you still need to be using them where needed for your page content. It’s more important to understand how users search in order to be able to understand the intent of their search.

Further still, this will help your business to be able to better focus content around what users are searching for. This is likely to continue to be important across the board in SEO throughout 2017.

The increase in the use of “dense” content

Over the last decade the SEO environment has changed significantly with more of a focus on content with millions upon millions of new articles flooding the market every day with many marketers focusing on producing lengthy in depth content which comprehensively covers a topic or trend.

This leads us to believe that there will be a point where the length of content may be ignored altogether and with the emergence of Google instant answers this could happen sooner rather than later. This is a really important trend to keep an eye on in the next few months of 2017.

The upward curve of voice search

The emergence of quick/instant answers along with the rapid growth in searches via mobile devices will help to pave the way for the further growth of voice search throughout 2017.

This is something that will need to be considered by businesses particularly as voice queries via mobile devices are more likely to show 43.3% of rich answers to the users compared to 40.6% for text queries. Strap yourselves in as this is likely to rocket in 2017!

Want to take advantage of these SEO trends?

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