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Online Marketing Strategy

An effective online marketing strategy at the heart of your campaign.

Digital channels are evolving constantly and it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. Successful businesses often leverage an advantage over less-focussed businesses in this situation, by seeking to maximise every aspect of Digital Marketing to encourage their continued growth.

An effective online marketing strategy at the heart of your campaign.

Having an effective online marketing strategy in place is a fundamental key to succeeding online.

Rokk Media will work with you to create this essential blueprint, which will form the solid foundation upon which we can then build your successful online presence.

We use tried-and-tested marketing best practice and avoid technical jargon because we believe it is not all about the technology. Our approach is about understanding your business objectives, and applying a toolkit of online marketing solutions, products and best practice to achieve agreed SMART goals.

It is vital that this plan is aligned with your business goals and other marketing activities to achieve the optimum results.

We will get to know:

  • Who you are. What you do. Who you do it for.
  • Your business goals – short, medium & long term
  • Your competitors and their online activities
  • From there, we work with you to create an integrated Online Marketing Strategy that will accelerate your organisation to achieving your goals.

Online Marketing Strategy Case Study


The key objective is to continuously drive online bookings of rooms, restaurants and spas through the hotel’s website.

Secondary objectives include:

  • Increase gift voucher sales for the hotels and spas.
  • Enhance the brand positioning of the hotel group, not individual properties.
  • Significantly improve search engine visibility.
  • Provide a user-friendly experience for customers.
  • Support offline communications channels.


  • Strategically planned the navigation structure and introduced key persuasion assets.
  • Redeveloped online brand and planned content structure.
  • Fully optimised online gift voucher shop.
  • Utilised cross-selling techniques to direct traffic to the online shop.
  • Established Google Adwords campaigns for each hotel to increase traffic to the website.
  • Incorporated SEO techniques to site build and undertook comprehensive link building campaign and affiliate network.
  • Set up Email communications templates with click buttons to website conversion pages.
  • Regularly run multi-channel digital campaigns to push bookings or voucher sales.
  • Introduced system of regular monitoring and quarterly reporting.


  • More than 300% increase in revenue generated annually through the website.
  • 25% increase in unique visitors year-on-year.
  • Over 30,000 unique visitors to the website every month.
  • Number 1 Google organic search results for a wide range of non-brand keyword phrases.
  • Email campaigns with up to 40% open rates, 8% click through rate and substantial direct income generated.

Due to the overwhelming success of this initial work Rokk Media was then asked to deliver a comprehensive range of techniques to increase site visitors, monitor results and support the group in all their online marketing requirements.

Can we help improve your business processes?

Our team are happy to discuss your requirements at length and help you find the most suitable, scalable and affordable bespoke software solutionmobile app development or online marketing strategy for your business needs. Call us on 0207 183 4742 (London) or 01392 424 300 (Exeter) or contact one of our expert team online

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