5 social media trend predictions for 2016

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As we slowly make our way into the last quarter of 2015, we are already reviewing the changes that have happened across the digital marketing world, in particular social media. To give you a flavour of what to expect in social media going into 2016, we have put together a list of 5 social media trend predictions that we believe will be at the forefront of the social media market in 2016.

Real Time Social Media Updates

It has become extremely evident that live updates will continue to dominate the social media market in 2016. Social media is already at a point where live updates are becoming commonplace with some more-so than others. This social media evolution has been largely driven by new live video broadcasting applications such as Twitter owned Periscope, Meerkat and many more. What this now does is allow you to capture a moment and share it immediately with your friends rather than having to record a video, and then posting it later, which will limit the engagement it will get. Furthermore, other leading social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are beginning to cotton onto this trend.  This may help to signal a new era in social media next year.

Increasing mobile & e commerce via social media platforms

With all the major social media player’s (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook) putting Buy buttons onto their channels, it is safe to say that others such as Instagram etc will soon follow suit. This will make it much easier to buy products directly through social media channels. Furthermore, in-app innovation which is prioritizing online shopping will be the top of the tree for all those technologically minded shoppers. Watch out for this throughout 2016.

Facebook will alter its product offering to a more content based platform

Facebook is continuing to keep it’s social media platform fresh by searching for ways to keep users engaged on the channel. This has been achieved in a number of ways but the vast majority relate to story related content. Currently Facebook is testing its ‘Instant Articles’ which will allow publishers to post content without other users having to leave the website to read it. This looks very likely to be launched next year and it will be interesting to see how other competitors react.

Increased Data Privacy Issues

Throughout 2015, there were a whole host of privacy concerns which were summed up by the recent scandal around Ashley Madison. What this has done is make users data more vulnerable than before and any new social media platform will not only have to keep their promise to protect customer data but will also have to prove it. This is likely to continue to be a continuing social media trend throughout 2016.

Fewer Social Media Platforms will emerge

Historically over the last few years we have seen new and exciting social media platforms take the industry by storm such as Instagram, Snapchat and many more. However, there is likely to be a shift in 2016 as new and promising social media channels will soon be bought up by the bigger fish in the market. Therefore, there will be less opportunity for independently owned channels to get a foothold.

Our Thoughts

With the social media market continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, it is safe to say that a lot of things changed throughout 2015. The rapid growth seen in social media has allowed us to make suitable social media trend predictions. 2016 is undoubtedly set to be another fantastic year and one which we are keen to see how it develops and whether our predictions come to fruition.

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